[Reddcoin] Backup Reddcoin Core wallet

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Backup your wallet to prevent losing the RDDs in your wallet!

There are two methods to backup, do both.
Make new backups if you create a new receiving address!

Method 1: Backup wallet.dat

  • Open Reddcoin Core.

  • Use the menu to backup: File > Backup Wallet…
    ↳ Screenshot

  • Make sure to save the wallet.dat file in a safe and secure location.

Method 2: Extract your private keys

In case you lose your wallet.dat backup, you still can import your private keys later when needed.

  • To extract your private keys:
    • If you have a passphrase on your wallet, unlock your wallet first.
      Settings -> Unlock Wallet… (make sure ‘For staking only’ is not checked)
      ↳ Screenshot 
      ↳ Screenshot

    • Extract your private keys.
      Debug window -> Console ->
      dumpprivkey <your RDD address>
      ↳ Screenshot

    • You can write down your private key or copy and save it in a document. Make sure you save it somewhere only you can access it.

  • To import later:
    • Debug window -> Console ->
      importprivkey <reddcoinprivkey> [label] 

      [label] is optional.
      ↳ Screenshot (without a label)
      ↳ Screenshot (with a label)

    • After you press [enter], the private key import will start. It can take a little while, just let Reddcoin Core do its thing. When the import is successful, the RDDs will appear in your wallet.

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