DogeChain wallet – enable two-factor authentication the correct way!

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  • Intro
  • The issue
  • Backing up and importing your private key
  • Two-factor authentication apps
  • Enabling two-factor authentication on DogeChain the correct way

Intro is a Dogecoin blockchain explorer. It also offers an online wallet. After reading this thread I discovered that the two-factor authentication is not reliable when enabling it. If the two-factor authentication is not enabled correctly, you will lose access to your wallet (and thus to your coins).

The issue

The issue with two-factor authenticaton on DogeChain is that the website doesn’t check if you enter the correct token when enabling it. It accepts any 6 character input (letters and numbers) and enables two-factor authentication.

Here is how the screen looks in DogeChain: screenshot.

Backing up and importing your private key

Before you do any transactions or enable two-factor authentication on your DogeChain wallet, you should make a backup of your private key.

To backup:

  • Click on the ‘Import/Export’ in the top menu.
  • Select ‘Export unencrypted’ in the left menu.
  • Read the warning, and click on ‘I understand the risks, show me my unencrypted wallet’.
  • Your wallet details will now be shown. Make sure to copy/backup this information!

To import:

If you somehow lose access to your DogeChain wallet, you can create a new wallet and import the backed up wallet with your private key. (You can also import the private key in other applications, like Dogecoin Core).

To import your private key in DogeChain:

  • Click on the ‘Import/Export’ in the top menu.
  • Select ‘Import’ in the left menu.
  • You can now enter your private key in textbox to recover your coins. You can find your private key in the backup you made. Copy and paste the value of “priv”.
    ↳ Screenshot

Two-factor authentication apps

There are a few apps that you can use for two-factor authentication. Most of them are available for iOS and Android.

Here is a short alphabetical list:

  • Authy
  • Google Authenticator
  • LastPass Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator

Any of the apps above work fine.

I have had Android for years, and my first two-factor authentication was Google Authenticator. When I got a new phones, I couldn’t just export my data to the new phone (rooting excluded). It was a pain in the ass. I started using LastPass Authenticator (was already using LastPass), as it supports accounts and backup, so it’s easier to access your data on another phone.

Download and install one of the apps on your phone if you don’t have a two-factor authentication app. You will need it when you want to use two-factor authentication websites (like DogeChain).

Enabling two-factor authentication on DogeChain the correct way

Whatever you do, do not enter a random value or your password in the ‘token’ textbox.

The steps:

  • Home (My Wallet) -> Account Settings -> Change Account Settings.
    ↳ Screenshot
  • Select ‘Two-factor authentication’ on the menu left.
  • Select ‘Google Authenticator’ in the Method dropdown.
    ↳ Screenshot
  • A QR code is displayed. Open the app you use, and select the option to scan a code. In LastPass, I tapped on the ‘+’ sign on the bottom right corner, and selected ‘scan barcode’.
  • The DogeChain wallet now has been added to my list in my app. It now shows a 6 digit number.
  • Enter that number in the ‘token’ field and click on the enable button.
    ↳ Screenshot
  • Two-factor authentication is now enabled on your DogeChain wallet.
  • Do not close the window, keep being logged in.
  • You need to test if everything is set up correctly and that you can login using two-factor authentication.
  • Do not close the window, keep being logged in. Doing this makes it possible to disable the two-factor authentication.
  • Open a new browser window, and login to your DogeChain wallet.
  • The wallet will now ask for a token.
  • Open your two-factor authentication app and find your DogeChain wallet-ID. Enter the 6 digits from the app as your token.
  • If you can get it, you have set up two-factor authentication correctly.
  • If you can’t get in, disable two-factor authentication in the window where you are still logged in.

If you have any comments, let me know. :). Any feedback is appreciated.

23 thoughts on “DogeChain wallet – enable two-factor authentication the correct way!”

  1. I hope you have a backup of your private key(s).

    If not, there is no other way that I know.

    Google Authenticator has no backup functionality (as far as I know), so if you have lost access to Google Authenticator, you have lost the possibility to use 2FA. Some websites do a better implementation of 2FA and provide a secret key, but does not have that, so that’s also not usable.

    I have stated in the article that the missing backup functionality is the reason I stopped using Google Authenticator.

    There is 1 other solution I can think of, but I don’t expect it to work: Android can restore data after a reset. More here:


  2. Hi Yavuz Selim and everybody else,
    Thanks for your ideas shared here. I have the following case and question.
    Case: DogeCoin wallet opened online three years, Wallet ID, password and private key available, No idea what to do with 2-FA token when trying to log in. (Tried several times with google authenticator.. unsuccessfully.)
    Question: How can this issue with inappropriate 2-FA token be solved?
    Thanks in advance. Regards.

  3. Hello
    I open dogechain some years back I had no idea where my 2fa is and I lost my old phone too. I was trying to transfer my coin when I realized that I need 2fa token to do that.

    What can I do

    • If you have the private keys (backup of your wallet), then you can recover the DOGEs.

      If you don’t have a backup, there is not you can do. You can’t access the DOGEs.

  4. hi,

    I have an online wallet at dogechain from 2017. I have the wallet ID and I think I remember the password, but I dont have the private key/cant find it. I didn’t enable 2FA at the time, so I dont need it when logging in right? Doenst dogechain have an option to get rid of the error because it doesn’t affect me?

    Really appreciate your help

  5. I have my wallet and google authenticator – but it keeps telling me failed to get payload, try again.
    I do not have the secret key.

  6. Hi,
    I have Dogechain user id and password, also enabled 2FA from google authenticator. After phone lost, i also lost 2FA access.
    I was trying since last year to find my back-up of private key, if i have stored it in safe place, but unfortunately, i couldn’t find.
    Now, just i got 16 digit back-up key of 2fa, Is there any way to get login?

    • Yes, you can!
      I don’t know which 2FA application you are using, but you should be able to import/add a key manually.

      As a bonus: I can recommend using Bitwarden for your passwords AND 2FA, all in 1 app. Very convenient.

      • Its google authenticator.
        I am adding key manually however it doen’t work
        I have generated back-up key (16 digit) from google authenticator , will it be possible to recover using Bitwarden?


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