Personal favourite software: Everything

It’s not a secret that the built-in search engine in Windows is just bad at it’s job. It’s slow (sometimes even horribly slow) and you often can’t find the file your looking for. I dislike it.

So, I have looked into better alternatives. And found a gem that I want to share with you.


Everything is brilliant.

Everything, by voidtools, is a search tool for Windows. It’s easy to install, has a simple and clean interface, indexes quickly and it’s just brilliant in searching for file and folder names.

Everything has advanced search and also supports regex.

I wholeheartedly recommend Everything.

Everything can search file contents, but file content is not indexed so searching content is slow.



If you want to try the software out without installing anything, download the ‘Portable Zip’.

Frequently asked questions:

The support covers a lot, very helpful when you need to know more about a certain part of the software.

If you need support, have suggestions or discovered a bug, you can get in touch here.

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